The Relationship between Ventilation and Your Roof

Most homeowners know that their home’s roof is ventilated, but not all understand why it’s there or what is so important about roof ventilation. The simplest explanation is that they let excess heat out that is trapped in your attic, but they do much more than that. A properly functioning roof ventilation system reduces heat in the summertime and moisture levels in the winter. It helps your heating and cooling systems work as efficiently as possible, all of which help prolong the life of your roof. 

How your Ventilation System Works 

Hot air naturally rises, and vents located at the crest of your roof let that hot air out,

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Important Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

Attic fans have been a long time favorite of homeowners looking for a way to better regulate the temperature in their homes while keeping their attic dry to help extend the life of the roof and protect any stored goods. Beyond that though, many people fail to realize just how many other benefits there are to having a solar powered attic fan versus a traditional electric fan.

Cost to Operate

Using modern solar technology, these attic fans can operate free of charge! The solar panels harness the sun’s energy to power the fans, allowing you to conserve energy and save money while keeping your home nice and cool.

Active Cooling

As o

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Will My Commercial Flat Roof Ever Need Replacement?

Though flat roofs are becoming more popular in residential applications, they remain a staple for commercial buildings all over the country. Flat roofs have proven time and again to be very rugged and durable, often outliving the rest of the building. Like anything else though, they require maintenance and in some cases replacement to keep your building adequately protected.

Flat Roof Basics

Resilient, strong materials are the backbone of any flat roof system, as they are constantly bombarded by everything from intense UV radiation to severe rainfall. Though these roofs appear flat and level to the eye, they utilize subtle angles in the

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My Roof is Leaking. What Should I Do?

Florida averages about 54 inches of rain each year. That’s approximately 24 inches more than the national average. A leaky roof can be more common for Floridians, especially from March through October. If the wet weather reveals a roof leak, quick action is vital. Follow these steps to protect your property and quickly access a long-term solution.
Step 1: Manage the Damage
Start by protecting your interior from water damage. Move what you can out of the way and cover what you can’t move with plastic. For an immediate fix, set out waterproof containers to collect the leaking water. If the ceiling is buckling, poke a hole in the middle to

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Do I Need a Roof Replacement?

Routine roof inspections twice a year help you stay ahead of an extensive roof replacement job. Inspections identify manageable issues that can be repaired before causing widespread damage. They also make it easier to detect a new problem or issue before it becomes a larger issue that may require a replacement.
Warning Signs
Prevention is always the best option. But what if it’s too late for preventative measures? Is it time for a roof replacement for your central Florida home? A professional inspection is the best way to tell, but there are several signs that signal the need for that inspection and a subsequent replacement.

If you’v

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How to Choose the Perfect Skylight

Light bulbs are great for adding light to a room, but they pale in comparison to the capabilities of natural lighting. When you open up a room to the lighting of the outdoors, you add brightness and color that can boost your mood and really set your home apart from the rest. On top of their ability to turn a gloomy room into one full of character, skylights give you added benefits each month when your power bill arrives. Sunlight is free, so adding a skylight to your home can save you a significant amount on your electricity costs.

Skylights of old have a reputation for not being the most reliable, mostly for their proneness to leaking and

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Which Roofing Material is Right for You?

Re-roofing an entire business can be a daunting task to go through. It is not a small feat, but there are ways to make the process easier. A good question to start out with, is what roofing material would fit best with your building and its location?

There are three popular types of roofing material available. By considering the pros and cons of each, you can decide which material will suit your needs.

Roofing Materials:

1.Shingles –

Most popular roofing material
Can be recycled
Somewhat fire resistant, and some types are algae resistant
Can be used for both steep and low incline roofing
Made from either fiber mat (cold resist

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The Best Roofing Material for Your Florida Beach Home

Whether or not you live right off one of the beautiful beaches, or further inland, Florida presents a unique set of challenges for your roof. Choosing a roofing material that is appropriate for the area in which you live is critical to the longevity of your roof.

Here in Florida, our roofs are exposed to coastal winds, high humidity, salt, heat, and the occasional hurricane, all of which can quickly damage a roof if the proper care isn’t taken when choosing a material.

If you’re building a new home, renovating an existing house, or simply replacing a roof, here are some materials that are great for the harsh Florida conditions:

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Roof Inspection is a priority for hurricane season

It’s not news to Floridians that hurricane season is upon us. In the short time that’s passed since the season officially began on June 1, we’ve already experienced our first tropical storm. If you haven’t prepared yet, don’t waste another minute. The torrential rain and extreme wind of a hurricane is enough to inflict serious damage on a roof it you aren’t prepared.

The following tips will have you well on your way to keeping your home safe this hurricane season:

Get Inspected – Having a professional roofing company inspect your roof for issues that need to be corrected immediately can mean the difference between maki

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Top 3 Roofing Materials

The roof is the most important part of your house. It shelters you from weather and other outside factors and keeps you comfortable during all seasons. However, not all roofs are the same, and many homeowners are unsure which materials are best for them. The following three materials have proven their usefulness time and again.

1. Metal

Metal is one of the strongest roofing materials. Unlike shingles, it doesn’t crack or break easily. It’s particularly resistant to lightning and fire damage, and insects are less likely to make their homes in the eaves. Today’s metal roofs are also attractive, thanks to sleek modern designs.

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