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Would you like to reduce your energy bill and prolong the life of your roof?

Then installing an attic exhaust fan is an excellent option but not just any attic exhaust fan will suffice. The Owens Corning Ventsure Solar Attic Exhaust fan is a groundbreaking product in the industry. However, it is critical that the attic is properly ventilated with a balanced system of both intake and exhaust. The Ventsure Solar Attic Exhaust fan works in conjunction with your intake air flow system. Our roofing experts can advise you on your home’s attic ventilation and whether any improvements need to be made to achieve optimum results.

Whether you’re replacing your roof, installing a new roof, or wanting to install on an existing roof, our roofing professionals are properly trained to install attic exhaust fans in your attic.

Attic exhaust fans are a growing roofing trend in homeownership. Attic exhaust fans have the ability to control the conditions in your attic. In the summer time, the heat can lead to mold, mildew, premature deterioration, and higher energy bills. The Ventsure Solar Attic Exhaust fan helps properly ventilate your home using solar power and reduces your energy cost.

The VentSure™ Solar Attic Exhaust Fan also offers:

  • Active solar-powered ventilation that increases the amount of air exchanged when compared to passive ventilation, given adequate intake
  • Advanced technology and intelligent design that features an electronic thermostat and humidistat that automatically operates the fan as needed
  • A three-position solar panel swivel design that allows the panel to be precisely positioned for maximum exposure to light
  • An ultra-quiet fan that delivers high performance with minimal noise
  • An optional Remote Attic Monitor that allows you to view fan operation and attic conditions without ever entering the attic
  • An optional energy-efficient electric backup for continued operation when adequate sunlight is not available
  • 20-Year Warranty* on solar panel and housing; 5-Year Warranty* on motor


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