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Partnering Manufacturers

Certainteed is a prominent shingle manufacturer in the U.S. Certainteed has a wide array of roofing products available. Certaineed offers economy-based shingles to high-end designer premium shingles to accommodate any homeowner’s budget and aesthetic goal. Batterbee Roofing has achieved the Certaint...

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Types of Roof

Asphalt Shingle – Owens Corning, GAF, Certainteed Asphalt shingles are the most common type of shingle and are widely used in the U.S. They’re economically priced and relatively easy to install. There are two main types of shingles: three-tab shingles and architectural shingles. Aesthetically, the s...

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Reasons for a New Roof

Sometimes a roof can naturally reach the end of its useful life without experiencing a roof failure. It just looks old and worn, and you are doing preventive maintenance on your home. If replacing an old roof is delayed, however, it could result in bigger problems down the road. So watch for the war...

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Cost of a New Roof

How the Cost of a New Roof is Calculated A Sales Representative from Batterbee will be looking at the following 5 items: Pitch – How steep is the roof? As the pitch increases, safety becomes a factor and the difficulty to apply the roof.Size – The size is a direct factor. The larger the roof, the mo...

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Understanding Warranties

Shingle Warranties Explained Experts in almost every industry have told us for years not to purchase extended warranties on things like appliances, TV’s, and other house hold goods, but what about your roof? With so many confusing terms such as lifetime shingle and labor warranties thrown around wha...

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Battrebee Advantage

Hiring a roofing company can be a tedious process. And if you’ve never had any work done on your roof before, you might not know what questions to ask. Download our 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer guide to make sure you’re hiring the contractor that’s the perfect fit for what you need. Bat...

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Roofing Glossary

A Algae discoloration:A type of roof discoloration caused by algae. Commonly called fungus growth. American method:Application of very large individual shingles with the long dimension parallel to the rake. Shingles are applied with a 3/4-inch space between adjacent shingles in a course. ASTM:Americ...

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