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Winter Garden Skylight Installation

Tired of living in a poorly lit space that feels cramped and small? Then consider a skylight installation to liven up your Winter Garden home. If you’ve never had skylights before, you’ll probably be surprised by the dramatic difference these “windows” can make!

With the right kind of new or replacement skylights, you’ll enjoy a home that:

  • Is Brighter and Better Lit, Even at Night
  • Looks Larger and More Spacious
  • Feels More Open and Inviting
  • Uses Fewer Electrical Lights, Cutting Energy Costs
  • Has a Potentially Higher Resale Value

To make sure you get all of these benefits from your new skylights, trust none other than Batterbee Roofing Inc.! As a local home remodeler since 1993, we’ll treat you with respect and deliver the best skylight installation around.

Your Professional Skylight Installers in Winter Garden

Nothing beats an afternoon of bright Florida sunshine, and our skylights can bring that sense of beauty and vibrancy into your own home. Because our Winter Garden skylight installers offer a wide variety of styles, we’ll help you identify and install the perfect type of skylight for you:

  • Conventional Skylights: These skylights have a fixed windowpane that allows plenty of sunlight to shine through. They work best in rooms that have direct roof access and the proper roof pitch.
  • Venting Skylights: Unlike a stationary skylight, these unique skylights can open and close, just like normal house windows. You can choose systems that open manually, electrically, or via solar power!
  • Solar Tubes: Skylights used to be restricted to rooms with direct roof access, but with Velux solar tubes, you can bring sunlight almost anywhere. Their long, customizable tube shape can channel light even into deep interior spaces.

At Batterbee Roofing, we’re proud to serve our customers in whichever ways they need us most. From skylight repairs to new installations, we do it all! We offer only the highest-quality products from names like Velux—along with great financing to keep your installation budget-friendly.

Learn More About Our Winter Garden Skylights

Licensed, insured, and award-winning, your home will be in excellent hands with the Batterbee Roofing team! To find out more about our skylights and other Winter Garden exterior remodeling options, call our friendly local team today. You can also fill out our online form at any time, and we will contact you for a free consultation on skylights!