roof-shingles-curlingMost home owners make home renovations during warmer weather. One of these home renovation projects includes dealing with roof problems. Although various roofing types have different life spans, they are likely to show similar signs of ageing. Most home owners worry over the decision of whether to replace or repair their roof. Sometimes, the roof may be very old prompting the owner to install a new roofing system. When inspecting your roof, you should begin from the inside of the home and move to the outside. Discussed below are signs that your house needs a new roof. [clear]

Sagging Roof Deck

A sagging roof deck is an indication that your roof has experienced long term damage from water. This roof needs to be replaced; choosing to repair the roof may be expensive in the long term. A sagging roof may collapse during heavy rain or snow.

Brown Spots

Brown spots on the hanging ceiling panels are a sign of a leaking roof or a leaking pipe. If these spots are present on the tiles which do not underlie the roof, it may be caused by a leaking pipe. If present on tiles that underlie the roof, it is as a result of a leaking roof.

Bald, Torn or Missing Shingles

bald-shinglesMissing shingles is a sign of harsh weather or other serious problems. You need to examine the shingles keenly and find out whether you can spot anything unusual. Curled shingles are an indication that your roof has reached its expiration date and needs to get replaced. When a section of shingles are curled or buckled, a small repair could fix the problem. If a large fraction of the roof is damaged, then you need to reroof your home. Missing shingles on the valley of your roof could pose greater problems because this section has high potential for leakage. While inspecting the shingles, make sure the tabs on the roof are in perfect condition. [clear]

Shingle Granules in the Gutter

If you find a large amount of shingle granules (which resemble dull sand particles) in the gutter, it’s an indication that your roof is worn out. If you don’t repair the shingles on time, your gutter will be damaged and this may cost you a lot more and this could be what you would have spent on reroofing.

Presence of Moisture, Mold or Rot

mildew-ceilingSoft patches or discoloration is a sign that your roof is rotting. When inspecting the roof for these irregularities, make sure you also examine the sub roof. The destroyed or missing shingles may have exposed the sub roof to the elements. [clear]

Outward Light Showing Through the Roof

If you can see the exterior light from the inside of your home, your roof needs repair. Exterior light is visible when the roof separates from the chimney, pipes or any other part that stretches from the roof. These cracks could cause your house to flood when it rains.

Signs of Water Damage or Leakage

If you find leaks in various places, it is a sign that the moisture barrier in your roof has declined. Trapped moisture weakens the roof decking and provides an ideal environment for mold growth. [clear]

So, Do You Need a Re-Roof?

construction-workerThe roofing job will depend on the construction of your home, the present condition of your roof and the materials you have selected for reroofing. In some cases, you’ll be required to repair underlying structural damage before re-roofing. We suggest carrying out bi-annual checkups of your roof; preferably during spring and fall.