The general weather conditions in Florida persistently pummel and damage the roofs of homes in the region and common roof problems occur as a result. Regular thunderstorms, gale force winds, and hail storms cause a variety of common home issues in Florida and the surrounding areas. The summer months with its storms and humid climate, flooding, hurricanes, and high temperatures are especially harsh on structures. Damages that regularly occur include broken or missing roof singles and major damage like total structural destruction.

Damages Caused by Severe Weather Conditions

common-roof-problems-in-floridaThe infamous Florida high winds, lighting, and hailstorms are the most common weather conditions that cause instant and noticeable damage to homes in the region. During a hailstorm, balls of ice form and commonly cause serious damage, especially when they hit the asphalt shingles of your roof and create frail areas.

Inspecting your roof habitually, particularly after a hailstorm is imperative. You need to record the type of damage that occurs, which can only be identified through inspection. Increased damages, such as the underlay of your roof being affected, can take place when the notorious high winds from the Florida tropical storms and hurricanes batter your home. Furthermore, it can happen that dead trees fold under the continuous pressure and fall on the roofs of adjacent houses.

In addition, the destruction that is often caused by falling trees start with lighting. It is a rare occurrence, but at times lighting does hit trees and causes them to fall on a close by home, which can cause major damages to the roof in particular. Falling trees can be liable for some of the worst common home issues in Florida.


Damages Caused by Long-term Wear & Tear

hailAlthough many of the common roof problems are happening because of the battering that the structure endures from heavy storms and wind, as well as trees that occasionally take out a house, damage more frequently occurs through long-term wear and tear. The damage that you ultimately experience from constant wear has been progressing over time and the process is not easy to pick up. Here follows a list of common roof problems that is the cause of constant rain, humidity, and the wear from different storms: [clear]

Leaks and Moisture

Leaking is probably the most common problem your roof could suffer from. Each storm that batters the roof of your house makes it weaker and the chance of leaks appearing increases. As time passes, the leaks are going to start to appear more and more, which ends up deteriorating the roof’s structure. [clear]

Tenting, Blow-offs, Less Wind Uplift Resistance, and Billowing

tile-roof-damageThese common roof problems are all caused by the wind. It is vital that you employ a professional roofing company to assess and fix any of these issues as soon as possible. [clear]

Pondering Water

A properly designed and constructed roof should never experience water puddles forming on it. If this does happen, you should make sure it is fixed soon, because lingering water can cause major damage over time.

It is crucial to hire a professional to inspect your home’s roof at least once a year, especially before and/or after huge storms, high winds, and heavy hail. If you possess homeowners insurance, it should cover these types of roof inspections in most cases. If this sounds like you, click the button below!