florida-weatherAs wonderful as it is to live in Central Florida, the weather can certainly put people through their paces. On one hand, there’s the abundant sunshine that helps enhance the charm of living here. On the other hand, high wind and heavy rain can take its toll, particularly on roofs. When Mother Nature throws the elemental book at a rooftop, it’s up to you to make sure it can withstand the throttling.

If it seems like it may be a lot of work to maintain your roof, don’t worry! Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is easier than you think. Here are a few questions about how to maintain your roof in Florida, as well as a few answers that may surprise you!

Sure, Florida is no stranger to rainfall, but it’s traditionally warmer than many places in the U.S. Does my roof really need special attention?

E&V_BleaseLoopThe general answer is yes — and it's not just about living in Florida. No matter where you live, it's important to remember that most roofs have an expiration date. In colder climates, certain conditions may exacerbate specific types of roofs. However, it's not really fair to say that warmer climates don't have winters.

Florida has it’s own brand of cold. Wintery weather may not bring traditional blizzards and blankets of snow, but ice can be a big problem. So, the specific answer to the previous question is, due to the damage that ice damming can do, Florida roofs need winter inspections. During the rainier seasons, roofs should be sealed to deter leaks and water damage. As far as those bright, sunny days are concerned, don't let the sunshine fool you. Constant and extreme heat can put a lot of stress on a roof. So, roofs in Florida actually doneed attention.

How do I maintain my roof?

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Your roof’s first line of defense is you! Water leaks and buckling shingles are often visible to the naked eye. So, if you see something that doesn’t look quite right, simply pay heed to your instincts.

Another way to help maintain your roof is to have the name and number of a respectable roofing company on hand. Helping keep a roof healthy also involves getting regular inspections. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, also known as NARI, a roof should be inspected twice a year, ideally at the beginning of spring and the start of winter . Regular inspections and maintenance can help identify an issue with your roof before it becomes a bigger (and costlier) problem.

Now, it’s extremely important to select a company or contractor that is trustworthy. Remodeling and home improvement associations often have online directories that you can search from the comfort of your home. Try to select at least three different businesses and compare each to the other. You will probably get a feel for which one may be a good fit for what you need. Don’t worry about coming off as ‘picky’. Being a savvy consumer means you’ll take better care of your roof so that it will take better care of you, too.

What else should I look out for?

In addition to visual checks, regular roof inspections and maintenance, a trusted list of roofing professionals, and trusting your gut, just make sure your paperwork is in order. Things like property insurance, home and manufacture warranties should be current and accessible, just in case.

Follow these tips and you should have no problem keeping your Central Florida roof in great condition!