One of the best things about owning your own home is having a space where you can be creative. If you're someone that likes DIY projects, we have some great ideas that could be perfect points of inspiration. Try them out! All of your friends will be wondering where on Earth you bought it!


mosaic-artApplying some pieces of glass in a particular pattern can result in some really stunning pieces that are perfect for the outdoors. Mosaic art can turn a simple walkway into a pretty path. We really love the idea of mosaic tree stumps. They're decorative enough to just lay around the yard, and they'll serve as extra seating if you have a yard full of guests. If using this art medium is new to you, start with a small project that has step-by-step directions, and work your way up to more advanced mosaics. [clear]

Pallet Furniture

diy-coffee-tableOld wooden pallets are easy to reuse, and they're great for garden furniture because you don't have to worry about them getting weathered. A little bit of paint and some wheels can turn two pallets into a perfect patio table. If you could use a place outside where you can bask in the sun and maybe read a good book or two, you can accumulate eight wooden pallets, pile them two high and two long, and top your new creation with a pad and some pillows. This turns wooden pallets into a great outdoor lounge space. [clear]

Tree Stump Planters

tree-stump-planterObviously, these are something that should be pretty easy to find. You might even have some hanging out in your own yard right now, but if you don't, you should be able to find someone that is trying to offload their stumps. Tree stumps can actually be a gift from nature if you change the way you look at them. From the smallest leftover tree stump to an entire tree trunk that's seen better days, these bits of nature can make perfect planters for the yard. In many cases, the imperfections that are found on the stumps actually lend themselves to creating beautiful paths through which the flowers and plants find new places to grow. [clear]


outdoor-storageAll of these flowers and projects are going to require some tools and equipment. Instead of leaving all of this stuff laying around in the yard or piled up in your garage, turn your need for storage into its own DIY project. You can put another wooden pallet to use by creating a hanging storage system. Paint the pallet, and attach some hooks and hardware to the wood. It's that easy to turn a block of wood into a place that will hold the garden hose, the garden tools, and anything else that you'll need easy access to. It's functional and decorative! [clear]


teak-ladderLadders are perfect for all kinds of garden DIY projects. If the rungs are wide enough to hold plant pots, go vertical, and decorate the ladder from the bottom up with various flowers, herbs, or other plants. A ladder can also serve as a trellis piece. Place it against the building or fence, and plant flowers or plants that tend to like to grow along a vine. Your ladder trellis will be decorated and beautiful in no time! If the rungs of the ladder are too narrow to hold anything, that is easily fixed by making a shelving system. Simply place wood or metal across from one side to the other!