With a name like “The Sunshine State” it's a no brainer that harnessing the power of the sun would be a practical idea. Enter solar panels. Solar panels, or PV panels (Photovoltaic Panels) are a popular choice among residential and commercial establishments and for good reason. There are many practical ways to save money and support the economy and it starts with your roofing!

Stretch Your Budget

stretch-your-budgetEveryone is looking for ways to save money and cut their costs anyway possible. One of the ways you can do this is by relying less on conventional energy and relying more on the sun to power your home. Installing PV panels is cheaper than ever and with the solar energy market only growing with more innovative designs, you can expect to save even more than before. Cost of Solar has the complete numbers and graphs to show you more, but the average savings for a Florida home owner in 2011 was about $25,000. That’s serious savings! In fact, in most cases, there are even government incentives for switching to solar energy. You may receive substantial tax breaks for going eco friendly! [clear]

Cheaper to Maintain

solar-panelAnother benefit of going solar is the amount of upkeep you won’t have to worry about. Once the PV panels are installed and are working at their max capacity, there is very little additional work that needs to be done. Since there are no moving parts, they basically take care of themselves. Other than using your average garden hose to rinse them off from time to time, they are very much self sustaining. You can also have your roofing company to inspect them in addition to the normal roof inspection. [clear]

Good For The Economy

economyThe most well known fact about solar energy is it’s benefits to the environment. Solar energy generates absolutely no pollution and its energy conversion process also leaves behind no carbon footprint. That makes it one of the most, if not the most, sustainable energy source in the world! If that’s not enough, the solar energy industry is becoming a booming industry adding thousands of more jobs to the American economy. So your purchase and investment in PV panels is not only putting money back into your pockets but also in the economy as well! [clear]