Florida may not be known for its Autumn climate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and incorporate some Florida style into your autumn decor. We’ll show you projects that compliment your house for the Thanksgiving and upcoming winter season with great Florida flair!

1. Fragrant Fruit Wreath

orange-wreathNothing says “Welcome to Florida” quite like oranges. What better way to introduce the yule tide season with a fragrant wreath made of the state’s famous fruit? Better Homes and Gardens features this simple orange wreath made of dried orange slices. Its a small touch to your house that will make guests feel that the Florida fall season is in full swing. [clear]

2. Coastal Pumpkins

coastal-pumpkins-by-sand-and-sisalPumpkins aren’t native to Florida, but Sand & Sisal has a great way to satisfy the lovers of fall and the ocean in this project! From starfish inspired designs, to sparkled ocean waves, these gourds will turn your front porch into a festive Autumn shoreline better than any creepy Jack O’ Lantern. It’s quick, easy, and it’s a spin on the traditional pumpkin that people can definitely appreciate. [clear]

3. Natural Citrus Candle

orange-candleIf you’re not putting oranges on your door as a wreath, then the next best thing is always making a candle out of one, right? Of course, juicing them is always good too. This nifty spin on oranges is perfect for mild Florida evenings spent out on the deck or patio to keep the remaining mosquitoes at bay. Place one or two of these in the middle of a table and it can compliment the end to a relaxing autumn day. Not to mention its citrus scent will set the mood just right! [clear] Fragrant Fruit Wreath by Better Homes & Garden Coastal Pumpkin by Kim Orange Peel Candle by Corrinna Johnson