Florida is one of the very few states in the country that can boast a tropical climate year round. The architecture of many homes and commercial businesses cater to the aesthetic Spanish inspired culture of Florida and there are a lot of different styles of roofing that compliment the structure. Here are some of the most popular roofing styles that are prominent in the state of Florida.


Shingle roofs are the most popular design in the residential sector and are seen on most houses, available in many different colors and styles. They are the most economical and also the easiest to install. Though they tend take more of a beating in the Florida climate, they are still among the top choices for homes.



Tile roofing is arguably the most recognizable style that is most associated with Florida architecture. This Spanish inspired design is most popular on larger houses and also comes in different colors. It’s one of the most durable and longest lasting roofs that require less maintenance and is a beautiful compliment to any exterior style. tile-roof


Metal roofing is used in both business and residential buildings, though they are mostly seen on commercial structures. They’re light weight, durable, and can cover a wide area, which is why they are seen on most large buildings. They can be coated with a special coat to aid against weather extremities and also help with energy conservation. metal-roofing


When your state is known as “The Sunshine State”, it’s no surprise that solar panels are a sensible choice for a roof. Solar panels, or PV panels (photovoltaic panels) have been around for years and as energy costs rise and environmental issues continue to be a concern, considering solar energy as an option is never a bad idea. Newer solar panels are now being made with better, more efficient materials and as a result, it cuts installation costs in half. The great thing about PV panels is that you can install them on most roof types without sacrificing roofing style. solar-roof Shingles by Mike Lucas Curves Above The Head by Asela Abhayapala Steel Master Metal Roofing System by Elizabeth Anderson Solar PV Installation by Jaydee!