Even though the majority of our re-roofing or roof repair projects only take about a day to complete, most customers prefer not to be home while the work is being done. If you’re in need of some ideas for how to spend your day away while our roofers complete their work, check out our “Local Roofing Retreat” series. First up is one of our favorite locations, Ocala, Florida.

Silver Springs

silver-springs-ocala-flSilver Springs is possibly one of the most gorgeous places in a state filled with beauty. A major tourist destination since the 1800's, people still ooh and ah at the stunning scenery they can see while gazing through the floor of the glass bottom boats. With the amazingly crystal clear water playing host to a vast array of marine life, this is one destination that is fun to visit again and again. [clear]

Ocala Historic District

ocala-historic-districtThe historic district is a treat for the eye. Many of the homes here were built more than a hundred years ago, and they are very diverse. You will see stately Victorian homes side by side with Tudor style buildings, and the streets in the historic district are filled with an ambiance of an older time. Mature trees line the streets, making it the perfect neighborhood to stroll through while enjoying the varied architecture. [clear]

Appleton Museum of Art

appleton-museum-art-ocalaThe Appleton Museum of Art was founded in 1987 to house the art collection of Chicago businessman Arthur Appleton. The facility has 34,000 square feet of gallery space, and it houses a collection of both ancient and modern art from several different continents. It has been a wonderful addition to our city, and one that you can visit often and still learn something new every time. [clear]

Ocala National Forest

ocala-national-forestEncompassing 383,000 acres of land in Marion County, the Ocala National Forest is the busiest state forest in Florida. While it has many visitors, it is still a quiet place to explore. There are many lakes, ponds, and springs, making this a magnet for fisherman, canoeists, and swimmers. It is also an excellent place to go hiking, with many different trails to investigate. There are also some excellent facilities for camping. [clear]

Ocala Speedway

ocala-fl-speedwayAfter you have indulged yourself in the natural beauty and culture that surrounds Ocala, Florida enjoy the thrill of a race at the Ocala Speedway. Watch as the powerful cars rev their engines and race around the track. There are many different types of races, and Friday evenings are the perfect time to take the whole family. [clear]

Think your home might need a new roof or just need an excuse to go visit one of these great destinations? We’ve been Ocala’s go-to roofing company for over 20 years. Contact us today for a free inspection.

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