Batterbee Roofing is celebrating the month of love with a blog series centered around our four cherished manufacturer partners – CertainTeed®, GAF®, Owens Corning® and Tamko® Roofing Products.

Last week we proclaimed our love for CertainTeed® in our Batterbee Loves: CertainTeed® article, and this week the affection continues with GAF ® – North America’s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing products.

Why We Love GAF®

1. For their solutions made simple.

gaf-timberline-hd-weathered-woodOne of the great things about GAF® is that they are experts in producing three-tab roofing shingles, Timberline® Lifetime roofing shingles and Designer Lifetime shingles – three top-tier products in the industry. What’s more is that they aren’t experts at just residential roofing products or just commercial roofing products alone – they’re experts at both.

GAF® also offers the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, which includes everything needed for durable, watertight protection for your house or business. Plus, their industry-leading warranties guarantee long-lasting satisfaction.

2. For their advanced quality.

In terms of product quality, GAF® offers some of the best. In fact, their products have earned a number of awards and top ratings over the years, including:
  • “Product Of The Year” award by Commercial Building Products Magazine for their Freedom™ TPO self-adhering roofing systems
  • Monaco™ Lifetime Designer Shingles named one of the “101 Best New Products” of 2012 by Professional Builder Magazine and Professional Remodeler Magazine
  • 2012 Certificate of Material Excellence award in the Polymers category from Material ConneXion® for EverGuard® TPO
  • many more
Additionally, Timberline Shingles® with Advanced Protection® has been rated #1 in shingle quality by U.S. contractors and home builders.

3. For their extensive expertise.

After 125+ years of perfecting a product, you tend to get pretty good at it. Which is exactly how GAF® has created such a great assortment of products that are ideal for multiple types of homes and buildings.

4. For their design options.

One of the great things about GAF®’s architectural shingles is that there are many styles and colors to choose from. From rugged and traditional, to luxurious and fashionable, in shades like Grand Canyon®, Camelot, Sienna® and more, there are so many customizable options to choose from.

For their environmentally conscious solutions.

gaf-architectural-shinglesAnother great quality we admire about GAF® is how “green” it is. GAF® offers a variety of eco-friendly solutions, including reflective, re-cover, garden and solar roofing products – some made with recycled materials. Plus, it has also created sustainable practices for their manufacturing process, including shingle waste recycling at plants and a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill program.

Because Batterbee Roofing is dedicated to offering the very best in quality and service, we love GAF® products for making it possible to do so! For more information about our services and our great manufacturer partners, contact us online or by phone at (352) 504-4441 today.

Images courtesy of GAF®