Spring is here—and for many homeowners, now’s the perfect time to take care of all the home improvements and major cleaning projects they’ve been anxious to get started all winter.

One of the most important cleaning tasks for your home is roof and gutter cleaning. And though often overlooked or postponed, it is an essential part to keep clean and up-to-date for a number of reasons.

Why Roof Cleaning is Important:

It prevents serious damage to your home.

In addition to algae, lichens and mold that can form on rooftops and eat away at their organic materials, debris— including moss, branches, leaves, dirt, pine needles and animal droppings—can accumulate in your gutters and cause serious damage after an extended period of time. Roofs and gutters that are unkept in this fashion risk the threat of leaks, collapsing gutters, shingle deterioration and more.


It can prevent unwanted animal and pest intrusions.

When algae, mold or lichens begin growing on rooftops, they not only have the ability to eat through roof shingles, but they can also rot any surrounding wood. And if there is rotting wood, pests and other vermin are likely to invade, as they are naturally attracted to the scent of rotten wood.

If left undone, mold could accumulate, posing a threat to your family’s health.

Mold can often be the source of upper-respiratory tract infections, asthma, nasal stuffiness, throat and eye irritation, coughing, wheezing, and several other related symptoms.

It can prevent the need to re-roof prematurely.

Many homeowners know that replacing or even repairing their roof is a big decision. And although Batterbee Roofing offers affordable financing options, re-roofing can definitely be a significant investment. So having to replace your roof prior to having fulfilled its lifespan is likely a problem those same homeowners would rather not chance.

It improves your home’s value.

If nothing else, your home’s curb appeal should be the number one reason to perform necessary roof cleanings. The bottom line is that the cleanliness of your roof is a major factor in determining your home’s value. If stains and mold growth go untreated, they are likely to become the focal point of the entire property and could potentially depreciate your property’s worth. Moreover, some insurance companies go as far as dropping people from their policies for not having their roofs well-groomed, as this poses serious long-term risks they’re not willing to take.

Common Myths About Roof Cleaning:

When it comes to roof cleaning, there are many myths about what can be effective and what can be potentially harmful to your home. For instance, many believe that pressure cleaning is an easy way to thoroughly clean your rooftops. However, this method can actually do a lot of damage to the granules found on shingles and the outer coatings found on tile roofing.

Another myth is that bleach can easily and effectively remove stains from rooftops. But, in reality, bleach and other chlorine-bleach solutions can not only corrode your roof, but also release toxic chemicals into your home, kill surrounding plants (if exposed to), and cause discoloration in your roofing material.

That’s why homeowners can count on our team of skilled professionals at Batterbee Roofing to have the extensive experience and expertise to give your roof the cleaning it needs this spring, or simply perform an inspection.

What Batterbee Looks for in Roof Inspections:

Because water damage can come from many different sources, our team looks for a wide variety of concerns during our inspections, including:
  • Clogged or blocked downspouts
  • Excessive granule loss
  • Loose, worn or missing shingles
  • Buckled or curled shingles
  • Mold growing
  • Loose, rusted or improperly installed flashing
  • Penetration to vents, chimneys, skylights and/or pipe collars
  • Soft spots in the wood
  • Structural damage
  • Water damage
  • Weather damage
  • Attic conditions

What Batterbee Can Do for Your Roof:

If these reasons are enough to make you consider an inspection, Batterbee Roofing can help ensure your home is clean, safe and protected. Contact us today at (352) 504-4441 or info@batterbeeroofing.com, and let us get spring cleaning started off right for your home–from the top down!