Get ready for hurricane season with these helpful tips.

Your roof is the first line of defense against any extreme weather conditions. From heavy rain to strong wind gust, your entire home could be severely damaged by these forces if your roof is not installed properly.

Everyone here at Batterbee wants you to be prepared for hurricane season to not only protect your home but to protect everything underneath it. Take a look at the following tips to make sure your roof is hurricane ready.


Step 1: Check Your Roof Covering

This includes shingles, tiles or whatever material you decided to finish your roof with. The roof covering is the first line of defense your roof has against the elements.

If you have shingles installed on your roof, look for blistered, curled, cracked or loose shingles. Water can make its way underneath these broken shingles, causing damage to not only your roof but also to the rafters, drywall or insulation in your attic.

Tile roofs require a bit more skill to inspect. We suggest hiring a roofing company to inspect your tile roof. However, you should be able to spot cracked, loose or broken tiles easily which are indicators that your roof is in need of repair.

Have a metal roof? Check for damage on the edges of the roof, as well as any holes, dents or rusting on the surface.

Tip: If you’re afraid of heights, use binoculars to get a better look at your roof covering.

Step 2: Inspect Any Skylights, Vents or Fans

While vents, fans and skylights make your home more comfortable, they also are an easy place for water to enter your home. You should be able to see cosmetic damage to these items outside your home, but true damage from leaking vents, fans and skylights is easily spotted inside. Water stains in your attic or cracked walls in your home can be an indication that one of these items isn’t working properly.

Step 3: Contact Your Roofer

Don’t be afraid to give your roofing company a call and ask them what materials and processes were used when installing your roof. High-quality materials and proper installation are key to making sure that all parts of your roof are working together and protecting your home.

Not sure if your roof is ready for hurricane season? Contact Batterbee Roofing today to schedule an inspection to see if your roof is in need of repair before hurricane season hits.