Finding ways to brighten up your home can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating process. Adding lamps and track lights, repainting the walls a lighter color, and replacing dark furniture pieces with lighter ones are great ways to make your home appear a bit lighter, but still lack the warmth and radiance that comes with natural sunlight.

At Batterbee Roofing, we are proud to now offer solar tube skylight installation, a perfect solution to brightening up any space. Using one of Owens Corning’s newest products, The Illuminator® Tube Skylight, our team can transform your living room, bathroom, indoor patio, or other dimly lit area into a brighter, more inviting place to be. Choosing this ideal roofing feature could be just the “bright” choice for your home, and here are six reasons why that might be:

1. They work well for nearly any space.

There’s a variety of places The Owens Corning® Illuminator® Tube Skylight can work really well in, including a laundry room, pantry, hallway, bathroom or other windowless/dimly lit space. Available in both 10” and 14” diameter sizes, it features a diffuse lens that evenly distributes natural light throughout almost any area—something many traditional skylights do not.

2. They help reduce energy consumption.

Choosing this solar tube option means you’ll get up to 500 watts of clean, evenly distributed natural light, helping to reduce reliance on electricity and lower utility bills. The tubes are also ENERGY STAR® rated to reduce heat gain/loss in your home, and require a much smaller footprint than traditional skylights.

3. They’re cost effective.

Typically, solar tube installation is significantly less expensive than traditional skylight and sunroof installation. And because the tubes are energy-efficient, they help keep energy usage down and ultimately save you money.illuminator-tube-skylight

4. They absorb UV rays.

One of the great features of this product is that it absorbs up to 95% of UV rays from sunlight, preventing rugs, furniture and other decorative pieces from fading in color.

5. They’re designed to prevent leaking.

The Owens Corning® Illuminator® Tube Skylight has a weather-resistant dome with reflective-optics technology that is made for resisting harsh weather conditions. And, regardless of what type of roof your home has or will have—including metal and tile roofs—these solar tubes ensure no leaking will occur in your home. 6. They’re backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

When you choose The Owens Corning® Illuminator® Tube Skylight, you’re getting a product that’s covered by a limited lifetime warranty, offering coverage against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home.

Plus, with optional add-ons, you can enjoy your new skylight installation even more. The optional Solar-Powered Dimmer with Remote Control offers complete control over light distribution without the use of electricity, and the optional Electric Light Kit allows it to double as an electric light when natural daylight is unavailable.

If you’re looking for reasons to invest in solar tubes for your home, let us help answer your questions and concerns. Learn more about this, other roofing type options and our featured services by contacting us online or by calling (352) 504-4441 today.

Image courtesy of Owens Corning