Metal roofing is a truly great option as far as roofing materials go. We’ve found that our Orlando roofing customers don’t typically know all that much about metal roofing. We decided to demystify this popular roofing material by busting the 7 most common metal roofing myths we hear.

roof3 1. They’re more expensive This is a case of not having all the information. Yes, metal roofing is more expensive than traditional asphalt shingles. But it is comparable in price to other specialty roofing materials like tiles. Plus, metal roofs can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years or more which is much longer than the average asphalt shingle roof. So in the long run, they’re a wise investment. 2. You can’t walk on metal roofs It is absolutely possible to walk on metal roofs without damaging them. You simply have to know how. Speak with your local Orlando roofing company for details. 3. They rust easily Rust may have been a legitimate concern many years ago, but today metal roofs are coated with zinc or zinc and aluminum composite that prevents rust. 4. They draw more heat in the summer Quite the contrary, metal roofs can help keep your home cool in the warmer months. Reflective, energy-conserving coatings can be added to your roof that will reflect heat. 5. They’re noisy during storms The only way you would hear rain hitting your metal roof is if it were installed over open rafters. Since roofs are constructed today over a roof deck, attic space, and insulation, you won’t hear a peep. 6. They’re more likely to get hit by lightning It will not draw lightening any more than a regular roof would. Should it happen to get struck by lightning, a metal roof does a better job of dispersing the energy without damage than other roof types. 7. They look out of place Today’s metal roofs can look just about however you want them to. Through a number of different styles and color options, you can easily find a metal roof that blends seamlessly into your neighborhood.

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