Your roof is the often-forgotten-about protector of your home. People frequently overlook routine roof maintenance for fear it will be difficult or costly. It’s generally just the opposite though! Just like how we keep our bodies healthy, taking care of small roofing issues that can easily crop up throughout your roof’s life can prevent larger and more expensive problems from happening.

We at Batterbee Roofing have come up with 3 common Roof problems and what we think you should do about them.

1. Damaged Fascia Fascia is usually made out of wooden boards or sheet metal and acts as the front board along the edge of your roof. It protects the vulnerable edges against moisture and damage from the elements. Because this is such a vulnerable area, it is more likely than other roof areas to rot or become damaged. As soon as you notice damaged or rotting fascia, you should call your local Orlando Roofer to come and inspect it. From there, we can repair or replace the fascia to prevent damage to the rest of your roof.

2. Compromised Flashing Flashing, similar to fascia, is a durable material used to seal any seams in your roofs such as around vents or pipes to keep moisture out. This is another vulnerable spot on your roof. With the amount of rain we see in Florida, having damaged flashing can quickly lead to costly damages to your roof. You’ll want an Orlando roofing company to come out and inspect the flashing. Getting this fixed fast is the key to avoiding serious damage.

3. Clogged Gutters Cleaning out the gutters is no one’s idea of a fun Saturday but clogged gutters can be a more serious problem than you think. If left clogged, you can find yourself with roof leaks, a cracked foundation, and damaged siding. Try to stay ahead of clogs by regularly cleaning the leaves and debris out. If your gutters are constantly getting clogged, ask us about gutter cover systems that can prevent that.

The best piece of advice for getting the longest life out of your roof is regular maintenance. Keeping a close eye on the state of your roof can help you detect issues early on while they’re still easily remedied. For a free quote, fill out the contact form on our website or give Batterbee Roofing a call today at 352-504-4441.