When it comes to scratched paint on a car, most people won’t attempt to fix it on their own. Leaving it scratched isn’t an option either, as leaving the scratched area exposed can lead to rust. Your metal roof is very similar in this situation. If it gets scratched, repairing it yourself is not recommended.

We at Batterbee Roofing believe in doing high quality work. While there are some roofing maintenance tasks that are safe for a homeowner to perform on their own, repairing a scratched metal roof isn’t one of them. Here are two reasons to consult an Orlando roofing specialist to repair your metal roof:

1. Generic Exterior Paint Won’t Do The Job Your local home improvement store will have a large selection of exterior paint. It’s even likely you’ll be able to find a shade that perfectly matches your metal roof. The paint probably isn’t the only thing damaged by the scratch, though.

Your metal roofing panels were coated with several protective layers including metallic coatings, pre-treatment, primer, paint, and a finishing layer. These all work together to protect your roof from oxidation (rust). The scratch on your roof most likely extends deeper than the top layer of paint. Putting up exterior paint won’t replace all the other protective coatings that your roof has.

2. You Might Void Your Warranty Chances are, your metal roof has a warranty. While the terms of warranties can vary, performing repairs yourself that go beyond routine maintenance can void your warranty, leading to costly repairs down the road.

At Batterbee Roofing, we follow all manufacturer suggestions and use manufacturer-approved products to ensure that we repair your roof correctly and keep your warranty intact. To learn more about metal roofing, fill out our online contact form or call your Orlando roofers today at 352-504-4441.