Whether or not you live right off one of the beautiful beaches, or further inland, Florida presents a unique set of challenges for your roof. Choosing a roofing material that is appropriate for the area in which you live is critical to the longevity of your roof.

Here in Florida, our roofs are exposed to coastal winds, high humidity, salt, heat, and the occasional hurricane, all of which can quickly damage a roof if the proper care isn’t taken when choosing a material.

If you’re building a new home, renovating an existing house, or simply replacing a roof, here are some materials that are great for the harsh Florida conditions:

Copper – Metal roofs are most commonly made from steel which rusts as the paint becomes chipped over time. Copper reacts to the air and moisture by forming a green layer of oxidation which protects the underlying metal – much like the Statue of Liberty for instance. Copper is a heavy material, which helps it withstand the hurricane force winds we sometimes experience here. The biggest downside is that copper is one of the most expensive roofing materials available, and is most often seen on older homes.

Slate – Another somewhat uncommon roofing material, slate has the ability to last for up to 100 years as compared to the 20 year lifespan of a standard shingle roof. Slate requires a skilled roofer to install and is pricey, but it holds up to the elements better than nearly any other material.

Asphalt Shingles – Also known as composition shingles, these are the most popular roofing material for their combination of durability and price. They may not have the longevity of copper or slate, but they are easy to install, and much less expensive than the alternatives. The main downside of going this route is that asphalt shingles are more susceptible to wind damage and cracking under then intense sunlight.

At Batterbee Roofing, we believe the best material is the one that suits your needs and budget the best. If you’re looking for a quote on re-roofing your home, give us a call today at 352-504-4441.