Light bulbs are great for adding light to a room, but they pale in comparison to the capabilities of natural lighting. When you open up a room to the lighting of the outdoors, you add brightness and color that can boost your mood and really set your home apart from the rest. On top of their ability to turn a gloomy room into one full of character, skylights give you added benefits each month when your power bill arrives. Sunlight is free, so adding a skylight to your home can save you a significant amount on your electricity costs.

Skylights of old have a reputation for not being the most reliable, mostly for their proneness to leaking and moisture intrusion. Modern technology has come so far that the many skylight options available are much more reliable than in the past.

Fixed vs. Vented

Historically, there have been two different types of skylight designs – fixed and vented. They install flush to the roof surface or slightly raised. Fixed skylights are not able to be opened, and only serve to add extra light to your home. Vented on the other hand, can be opened via either manual means or electronically with a remote. Electronic vented skylights tend to cost more than their counterparts, and tend to be more vulnerable to issues due to their added complexity. For some though, having the ability to let fresh air into the home is invaluable.


There was a time when skylights were just a single pane of glass in a metal frame within your roof. Advances have allowed glazing to evolve into single or multi-pane glass options, and even plastics, either with or without insulation against heat and UV radiation. For clarity and being able to see out of your skylight, glass is a better option. However, plastic does offer a number of advantages. For one, it is more durable to impact than glass, so a branch falling on your roof won’t result in a massive leak. Additionally, plastic is able to be shaped such that leaves do not accumulate on the skylight, and by creating a dome shape, you will receive sunlight for more of the day than with a flat panel.


Depending on what you’re looking for in a skylight, prices can vary greatly. Something to consider in addition to the price of the skylight itself, is the cost of installation, as well as the impact that it will have on your heating and cooling costs. Insulated units have become the norm, but even they may have an impact on your home’s thermal efficiency.

If you’re looking to add some natural lighting to your home, or even another way to let the fresh air circulate, look no further than the roofing professionals here at Batterbee Roofing. Our wealth of experience helps ensure a smooth, leak-free skylight installation, every time. Contact us today with any questions at 352-748-6300.