Though flat roofs are becoming more popular in residential applications, commercial roof replacementthey remain a staple for commercial buildings all over the country. Flat roofs have proven time and again to be very rugged and durable, often outliving the rest of the building. Like anything else though, they require maintenance and in some cases replacement to keep your building adequately protected.

Flat Roof Basics

Resilient, strong materials are the backbone of any flat roof system, as they are constantly bombarded by everything from intense UV radiation to severe rainfall. Though these roofs appear flat and level to the eye, they utilize subtle angles in their structure to guide rainfall towards a drainage system, so the water does not stand on the roof and cause damage. This structure is then covered with a membrane or specially formulated rubber coating that does not degrade in extreme weather conditions. That membrane is fixed to the roof structure using specially designed fasteners that seal themselves and the hole they create in the membrane, which is then covered in gravel to provide additional weight.

Damage and Repairs

The sealant used around chimney exits, plumbing exhaust pipes, and HVAC ducting is the weakest part of any flat roof and is where damage is most commonly found. Having a trusted roofing professional like Batterbee Roofing conduct an annual inspection of your flat roofing system is the best way to prevent damage to your building.

Over time, the gravel that helps weigh down the roof can become dislodged and swept away by rain or the wind and will need to be replaced. How often it will need replacing is dependent on weather conditions where your building is, but an annual inspection will help determine whether or not it is necessary.

Choosing a Contractor

When your flat roof is in need of repairs or replacement, it is crucial to choose a contractor with a wealth of experience and strong reputation in the industry. You can trust Batterbee Roofing with your new construction or repair needs. Contact us today at 352.748.6300.