Hurricane season is upon us yet again, and is here to stay until mid-November. After years of quiet tropical activity, the past couple of hurricane seasons have seen an increase in activity, and 2018 is threatening to follow that trend.

It doesn’t take a major hurricane to cause damage to a home, and when your roof is in disrepair, even the outer bands of a tropical storm can threaten the integrity of your home.

The roof is an afterthought for many homeowners, but there are ways to get your property ready for this year’s hurricane season.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

The first step in preparing for hurricane season is having your roof’s condition assessed by a qualified contractor like those here at Batterbee Roofing. A professional contractor will be able to identify weak areas of your roof, and will provide a detailed report of its life expectancy and any recommended repairs.

Consider Roof Tie-Downs

Also known as hurricane straps, roof tie-downs aren’t always necessary but are something to discuss with a roofing company. Tie-downs help brace your roof in high winds and severe storms like hurricanes and tropical storms.

Keep your Trees Trimmed

This tip not only applies to hurricane season, but is a good practice to maintain year-around. Trees that overhang your roof or that are near your home can be dangerous during a storm, and can have long-term effects on your roof’s health. If tree limbs fall on your roof during a storm they can cause damage to the shingles or underlying structure and allow water into your home. They can also cause leaves and other debris to build up on your roof, trapping moisture and degrading your shingles and structural components over time.

Clear your Gutters

As easy as it is to ignore roof maintenance, it’s even easier to forget to maintain your gutters and drainage systems. It is critical to make sure they’re clear during times of heavy rainfall, otherwise they can overflow and back water up onto your roof and into your home. Simply taking the time to scoop out leaves and other debris can save you a lot of money in repairs the next time a hurricane comes through.

When properly maintained, a roof can last a very long time. A shingle roof can last upwards of twenty years before needing replacement, where a tile roof can last up to a century if regularly inspected by a qualified professional like those here at Batterbee Roofing. If you’re in need of a professional roof inspection, repairs, or hurricane preparations, call us today at 352.748.6300.