One of the most common issues that homeowners run into that requires a contractor’s help is a leaky roof. Most property owners don’t have the expertise required to safely address and resolve a roof leak. Even a professional has their work cut out for them when it comes to tracking water intrusion, which makes prevention and maintenance the best way to avoid a leaky roof and potential damage.

A comprehensive maintenance program that includes regular inspections of critical roofing areas is a great way to prevent leaks in the future. The best part? You can inspect most areas yourself with ease.

These five simple tips will help get you pointed in the right direction:

If it protrudes through the roof, inspect it. Penetrations in a roof’s surface are the most common leak sources and impede the natural flow of water off a roof. Look here first for potential leak spots:
  • Chimneys – check to make sure the chimney is properly flashed, counter-flashed, and sealed
  • Skylights – water commonly gets trapped behind skylights, so ensure that the flashing is in good shape and look to see if the skylight itself is leaking
  • Plumbing vents – do your vents have rubber around the edge that has cracked with age? Look for signs that they need to be resealed
Check your edges Not only are drip edges aesthetically pleasing, they also help keep water away from the fascia and help prevent water intrusion.
  • A missing drip edge is a common cause of wood rot. Wind-driven rain can enter the gap between the roof and fascia board, causing structural damage over time
  • Drip edges also work to keep out insects, critters, and snakes. Inspect yours when looking for potential leak sources
Mind your gutter

Many don’t realize the important role that gutters play in the overall health of their home’s roof. They need to be installed such that they are sloped properly to drain, fastened securely, and they need to be kept free of debris. While routine cleaning of gutters is something a homeowner can handle no problem, doing gutter repairs should be left to a professional.

Most roof problems are easy to remedy if caught early, but many homeowners ignore their roofing until it’s too late. Ignoring routine maintenance is a surefire way to turn any problem into a major repair down the road. Annual or semi-annual inspections are a great way to keep tabs on the health of your roof at all times.

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