Even without other severe weather conditions, high winds can cause serious damage to a roof. Leaks, missing shingles, and gutter problems are all common results of windy conditions, even for a roof that is rated for hurricane-force winds.

Damage can begin at wind speeds as low as 50mph, so you should know what to look for when checking your home for damage.

High winds do not hit a roof surface evenly. Corners, edges, and the ridge line of the roof are especially susceptible to damage, and should be thoroughly inspected following severe weather.

Wind can get under a corner or small piece of a shingle and rip it off the roof entirely, leaving it exposed and prone to leaking in that area.

Lifting is another common effect of high winds. Your shingles may look to be healthy from the ground, but high winds can create a low-pressure suction on the roof’s surface that lifts the shingles upwards, loosening the fasteners that hold them down. When shingles lift, the sealant between each layer can break, leading to leaks.

In addition to directly damaging a roof, high winds can blow debris from the surrounding area into the roof structure, causing damage. Falling limbs can puncture the roof or destroy shingles, so be sure to trim any overhanging branches back before high winds hit.

When properly maintained, a roof can last a very long time. A shingle roof can last upwards of twenty years before needing replacement, where a tile roof can last up to a century if regularly inspected by a qualified professional like those here at Batterbee Roofing. If you’re in need of a professional roof inspection, repairs, or hurricane preparations, call us today at 352-748-6300.