Professional Roof InspectionYour roof is one of the most important--and the most expensive--components of your home. That's why it makes sense to have it checked periodically by a professional roofing company like Batterbee Roofing. However, extending the life of your roof is just one of several benefits of a professional roof inspection.

Benefits of a professional roof inspection

  1. Professionals can inspect your roof more safely. You may think that you can climb up to the roof and see if there are any issues and save a few dollars. However, the majority of homeowners don't have the training, experience, and equipment to work on steep, pitched roofs safely. In addition, untrained persons on a roof can also do damage themselves while trying to inspect the roof.
  2. Protecting the lifespan of your roof. Small problems can turn in to big ones if they aren't noticed in time. That's true with your car, with your health, and with your roof. What starts out as a few shingles having blown off of the roof can turn into a major repair if allowed to be battered by rain and wind for months. In most cases, having regular professional roof inspections will extend the lifespan of your roof, and that's money in your pocket.
  3. Allowing for budgeting of roof repairs and replacement. No one likes to get hit with an unexpected repair bill, and few household budgets have hundreds of dollars in them for a roof repair or thousands for a replacement. By getting regular inspections, you'll learn the on-going state of your roof and will be better able to set money aside for that eventual repair or replacement.

Professional roof inspections with Batterbee Roofing

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