Your gutters take care of your roof, but how often do you take care of them? Depending on the tree cover and climate around your home, its likely your gutters could use a cleaning. The most important reasons to practice regular gutter maintenance can be boiled down to two main reasons: damage prevention, and pest infestation prevention.

Damage Prevention

The amount of damage a clogged gutter can cause can be costly and go beyond a little flooding. If left unchecked, the excess water can spill onto your roof and cause your roof to leak and rot. The fascia, or the protective board behind your gutter, can be ruined as well and lead to further damage. The very foundation of your home can even be affected, as the excess of water can cause cracks to form in it, putting your entire house in danger. In addition to structural damage, your landscaping can also suffer from, believe it or not, so much water that the foliage is drowned.

Animal Invasion

Damage aside, a cluttered gutter can also offer nuisance animals an appealing new home. Birds may see the piles of leaves and twigs as and an excellent new home. Bees may also decide a dirty gutter is a prime location for a new hive, while mosquitoes will find it an ideal place to shelter and reproduce. It may even encourage squirrels and other rodents to nest in your gutters, and possibly find a way into your attic and walls. Worst of all, potentially harmful mold can bloom in the damp leaves.

Gutter Maintenance Frequency

How often you should maintain your gutter depends on outside factors. If your home is surrounded by leafy trees, or the climate is prone to thunderstorms, your gutters will benefit from a cleaning every four to six months. Should your downspouts become clogged, it might be wise to call in a professional service to take care of the problem. Another thing to consider is installing leaf guards. While it won’t eliminate the need for maintenance, it will cut down on the frequency. Gutters with leaf guards can be cleaned one annually to three years.

Can’t find the time to clear your gutters yourself? Consider contacting the professional roofers at Batterbee Roofing!