Although it’s expected that a home come equipped with gutters, many homeowners know that these standard features come with non-standard issues. Seamless gutters were designed to alleviate the stress of regular gutters while enhancing the appearance of a home’s exterior.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your gutters, check out these features that make seamless gutters a worthwhile investment for your home.

Seamless Installation

You don’t have to plan your month or week around seamless gutter installation, because it can usually be done in a day. In order to get started, just contact your local roofing professionals, and they’ll measure your roof’s dimensions. From there, they can easily match the gutters to size, and hang them to your home to start working immediately.

You’ll notice a major difference after installation is that there aren’t any more seams along the gutter, which helps with simplifying maintenance and strengthening protection.

Simple Maintenance

Investing in seamless gutters can change the way you think about your gutters, because you’ll be able to think about them less. Seamless gutters are much easier to maintain because they rarely need cleaning and don’t need to be repainted.

The gutter enamel is applied with heat, which prevents peeling or discoloration from disturbing the look of your gutters, no matter which color or style you choose.

Extra Protection

Traditional gutters are a necessary element in protecting the foundation and functional elements of your home’s exterior, but they have their drawbacks.

Homeowners know that seamed gutters are prone to leaks, which can bring mold, rust, and other issues. Unlike regular gutters, seamless gutters are guaranteed to be leak-free for up to five years.

Seamless gutters also hang in a more secure way than traditional gutters, which further strengthens your home.

Investing in seamless gutters can save on time and money in the long run, but not all roofing contractors are capable of seamless installation. Luckily, our roofing team at Batterbee specializes in establishing seamless gutters, and we can help you find the perfect style and color to match the exterior of your home.