Skylights can change the dynamic of any room in your home by adding natural light, fresh air, and a beautiful view. This enhancement means that adding a skylight installation takes just as much thought as any other home renovation.

You’ll need to consider factors like skylight location and functionality in order to narrow down which is optimal.

Here is a view of the different types of skylights that can transform your home, so you can decide which installation is right for you.

Solar Tube Skylight

Skylights were designed to let in the light from the sun. Solar tube skylights use the same principle to channel that light into your desired area, regardless of space restrictions.

Solar tube skylight installation features a solar panel that captures light during the day and uses it to recharge its battery system.

As the solar energy is being captured, it passes through the installed tubing to provide a stream of light that will diffuse throughout your chosen space without the need for electrical wiring.

Electric Skylight

Electric skylights are perfect for those who like to mix things up with virtually hands-free control.

By installing a skylight switch, these panels give you the freedom to open and close your installation with the option to let in fresh air.

Perfect for overhead installation, this skylight even comes with a rain sensor to close the opening if accidentally left ajar.

Manual Skylight

Manual skylights allow for maximum outdoor air entrance. These skylights can change the light and air of your home by enabling you to manually open and close your installations.

Manual skylights are also ventilating, which means that they help balance your home’s moisture and comfort levels by facilitating the release of humidity.

Fixed Skylight

Installing fixed skylights is the traditional way to bring some outside views into your home. You can affordably open your home’s darker spaces, such as hallways and stairwells, with the fresh feeling of natural light.

Although these panels can’t be opened to let in fresh air, fixed skylights can brighten even the smallest parts of your home, making every square foot more comfortable.

A skylight can update the look and feel of your home, but you must make sure you’re installing the right one for your home.

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