Roof Gutters

You probably don’t even think about gutters until they inevitably get all clogged up with debris.

The annoyance of having to get out a ladder and clean out the mess can make you wonder whether you need gutters or not.

To help you think through this dilemma, here are some pros and cons of having gutters on your home.

Cons to Having Gutters

Gutters Require Maintenance

It’s no secret that gutters need periodic checkups. There are often dried-up leaves, branches, and other outdoor debris that build up there, especially if your yard is full of trees.

If your gutter is clogged with gunk for too long, it can lead to leakage in your roof and cause mold.

You can choose to scoop up the larger debris and spray down the finer particles yourself twice a year, or hire an expert to do it.

Either way, it does take some time and effort.

Gutters are Susceptible to Warping

Since gutters are made from aluminum and steel, they can expand or contract. This depends on debris build-up or the intensity of the weather.

If they expand too much, the gutter system will start pulling away and distort the side of your home.

Plus, a severely warped gutter is quite an eyesore. However, most gutter systems can avoid warping with proper cleanout twice a year.

Pros to Having Gutters

Gutters Last for a Long Time

Gutter systems can last up to ten years. Even when gutters stumble across damage, they are pretty simple to repair.

A light hammering or patching with roofing cement will quickly get your gutter running again.

Gutters Protect Your Home

The main purpose of gutters is to keep rainwater away from your home.

Why is rainwater so dangerous? It can cause moisture buildup in the foundation and walls of your home and trigger mold. And that’s an even bigger problem to take care of than cleaning out gutters twice a year.

Gutters Help the Environment

Passionate about the environment? Gutters can help by keeping chemicals out of the water system.

Stormwater runoff pushes harmful pesticides, pollutants, and other chemicals into rivers and streams, and gutters can help circumvent runoff by directing rainwater to a barrel or storm drain rather than your lawn.

Ready to Decide?

The pros definitely outweigh the cons in the case of having gutters in your home.

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