Properly selected roofing shingles should complement the color scheme and style of any building or home. Available in nearly every color, asphalt shingles are produced in both solids and blends that offer a wide variety of attractive roof décor, including shingles that resemble slate or wood roofing. To make your rooftop pop, here are some ways to pick the best shingle color for your roof.

Consider the Color of Your Home

New roof shingles present an opportunity to add a little flair to the outside of your home. For instance, if the exterior color of your home is a little on the plain side, you can spice things up with a blended shingle color pattern. Conversely, if your home is sided with multi-color brick, choose one shade of solid color roof shingles so as not to clash with the rest of your house.

Consider Where You Live

While Northeastern homes favor charcoals and desert dwellings prefer red clay hues, Southern homes lend themselves to lighter, sunnier shades. Indeed, the climate and geography you live in will affect the color of your home and roof. For example, the humid, tropical locale of Florida homes has led to a prevalence of light-colored asphalt shingles in the Sunshine State.

Matching Roof Shingle Colors to Your Home The following list illustrates how to correctly color match the exterior of your home with a roof shingle.
  • Blue homes – Black, brown, gray, or white shingles
  • Brown homes – Black, blue, brown, charcoal, or green shingles
  • Cream homes – Black, brown, dark green, or dark blue shingles
  • Gray homes – Black, dark blue, dark gray, dark green, or white shingles
  • Red homes – Black, dark brown, dark gray, or dark green shingles
  • White homes – Black, blue, brown, gray, green, or red shingles
  • Weathered wood homes or log houses – Black, brown, green, or grey shingles
Benefits of Attractive Shingle Colors Picking the right shingle color for your roof can:
  • Improve Curb Appeal – No one wants to buy an ugly home. Having perfectly matched roof shingles and siding can make your home stand out to potential homebuyers.
  • Boost Resale Value – The attractiveness of your home directly correlates with how much you can demand for it on the market. An aesthetically pleasing roof will add to the value of your home.
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