There are many things homeowners have to consider as the seasons change, but roofing conditions are not typically at the top of the list. However, while you’re sleeping underneath your roof and not giving it much thought, seasonal changes in temperature may be compromising its integrity. If you're now wondering what effect temperature changes could have on the roof of your Florida home, here's what you need to know.

Hot Weather Effects

When it comes to outdoor temperatures affecting your roof, heat is what you have to worry about the most. The biggest reason for this is that your roof is exposed directly to the sun, and things tend to expand when exposed to heat and contract when the temperature drops. Your roof isn't designed to expand and contract like this, so it will eventually suffer moderate to severe damage if it's not treated correctly. However, expansion isn't the only thing that makes heat bad for your roof.

In addition to causing damage by expanding your roof, heat also makes older roofs more likely to crack or split. When it's extremely hot and humid outside, as it often is during Florida summers, the moisture and excessive heat can weaken your roof and increase the odds of it being damaged. A Florida roof left weakened by the summer sun is left vulnerable during the peak of hurricane season.

Cold Weather Effects

While heat is the big culprit when it comes to damaging your roof, cold weather is something to be aware of, too. One of the biggest ways cold weather can affect your roof is by clogging up the gutters and interfering with normal drainage. Standing water on your roof can cause damage ranging from increased wear and tear to a collapsed roof.

In some cases, water may seep under shingles and get into your home that way. While this isn't as common as your gutters being clogged or heat damaging your roof, it's still a fairly common occurrence when you live in a rainy area.

If you want to keep your roof in good shape, understanding what causes roofing problems is the first step. If the weather outside your home has been exceptionally hot, cold, or rainy, it's probably a good idea to have a professional inspect your roof for damage.

All-Weather Professional Roof Inspections

Having your roof inspected by a professional can help you to avoid any potential roof damage from growing worse and causing internal leaks and structural damage that require costly repairs. If you're in the Central Florida area, give Batterbee Roofing a call today to check the condition of your roof and make sure it is reinforced to withstand anything mother nature throws your way. To schedule your free consultation, call us today at 352-748-6300 or contact us through our website.