It is never a pleasant experience to have a leaky roof as it can cause leaky roofembarrassment when you have guests and cost you time, money, and energy to fix. However, it can be difficult for a non-specialist to fix a roof leak because water quickly travels outward from the point of the leak. Failure to promptly establish the underlying cause of a leak can result in significant damage to your property such as rotted and moldy interior ceilings, walls, insulation, and wooden frames. To prevent such damage, you should first inspect these most common causes of roof leaks.

Compromised Shingles

Poor craft during roof installation, strong wind and hail, or faulty materials can compromise the integrity of your roof. During a storm, shingles may be blown out of place resulting in leaks. Instead of personally inspecting whether your shingles are compromised, hire a professional who can offer suggestions that will help you to avoid frequent repairs that will ultimately weaken your roof.

Compromised Valleys

A punctured roof valley can cause a leak in the roof. Accidental damage can occur on the valley metal or shingles during DIY maintenance. Lack of maintenance to your roof can also cause debris accumulation—resulting in eventual leaks, rot, and water buildup that can become a black mold breeding ground.

Poor Materials or Installation

Poor craft is a leading cause of leaky roofs. Failure to install proper materials during a home's construction will lead to leaks in the roof membrane, roof vents, roof flashing, and around the chimney. Professional roofers will ensure to use quality materials during installation, which will save you from many costly repair services.

Obstructed Water Flow or Punctured Roof

Falling trees, hail, and debris can cause significant damage to the roof. You should hire a professional to inspect your roof after every storm. Even though the roof may not be punctured, falling leaves can cause obstruction—creating pools of water that can seep under the shingles and into your attic. You should also keep your gutter clean to avoid pooling.

Your Roof Is Too Old

Your roof can also develop leaks due to aging. Your roofing materials have a shelf life. Breakdown is inevitable if you allow them to go beyond their life expectancy and leaks will start to develop on your roof. To ensure your roof is equipped and reinforced to weather storms, wind, rain, and time, you should rely on professional roof services from a reputable local roofer.

Roof leak repair is best left to the professionals. If you are dealing with a leaky roof, contact the experts at Batterbee Roofing. We can help you with efficient roof repairs or get you set up with the best replacement roofing system to fit your specific needs and budget. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, call us today at 352-748-6300.