High winds, hailstorms, and hurricanes can all cause tremendous damage to the roof of a home. But sometimes that damage isn’t always obvious. You might not be able to see the loose shingles and fallen tree limbs up on the roof, especially if you have a complex roof line.

Whenever your home has been through a bad storm, it's always a good idea to get a roof inspection completed. You’ll find that there are many benefits to this simple preventative task.

Find Out if There is ‘Invisible Damage’

While you can see a lot of the more obvious damage from the ground, there can be hidden damage to your roof that you can’t see. Signs of damage may be visible in areas like:

  • Further up on the roof
  • Under flashing and shingles
  • In the valleys of the roof
  • In the gutters

Get Pictures and a Written Report

A professional roofing inspection will include pictures of the damage and a report from the roofing contractor. You’ll be able to see for yourself where the damage is and its severity. The report also comes in handy for insurance claims as your insurer will require evidence of storm damage before approval

Chance to Fix Small Problems Early

The storm may not have caused a lot of damage to your roof. In fact, it could be something small like bent or damaged flashing around a chimney. If you fix this damage right away, you can avoid bigger issues like water getting inside the home from a small leak that develops whenever it rains.

Peace of Mind

Last, but not least, you’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing the current condition of your roof. Even if you don’t need storm restoration services, the roofer can let you know how much life is left in your shingles, whether there are signs of wear and tear, and what issues may come up in the future.

If you have just been through heavy wind, rains, or hail, and are concerned about the roof, reach out to Batterbee Roofing. We’ll be happy to set up a roofing inspection by one of our professional contractors. You can give our customer service agents a call or fill out our online form to contact us right away.